Web Design Trends for 2015

We are already nearing the end of this year and it’s time to get a revamp for your website and get it ready to face the new year with a new style.
As the whole world is going gaga over Mobile Responsive Designs (including us!), website design mindsets have evolved as well.

Here we present you the most probable web design trends that will be on the rounds in the coming year.

Full screen background images and videos

y.co has done a great job of using a full size video on its website Videos are a great way to reflect the purpose and uniqueness of your site, so don’t hesitate to make a large beautiful image or a video on your homepage. Add an aesthetic touch to your site with elegant images. A prominent tag line and a ghost button along with an elegant image is the winning recipe for a unique website.

You don’t have to bother about speed issues as developers and hosts are working towards increasing the bandwidth. New techniques for responsive re-sizing and image optimization will also be the most discussed among web designers. Web authoring tools will also find a revival with the increases emphasis on vertical scrolling.

The next leap for website design will be the highly responsive HTML5 videos. Rich backgrounds enable a better content engagement and improved drive to the call to action centers.

Vertical scrolling is also a great way to design your content in an interactive storytelling style similar to magazine styled content. Responsive design calls for a ‘lean back’ content that will improve more substantive content.

Material Design

Google introduced material design. Its goals and principles look extremely promising. It is definitely one trend to look forward to.

Ghost buttons

If something is minimal, attractive and has some special effect hover animation, then it has to be a part of your web page. Ghost buttons encompass all these properties, making them a favorite among designers. They are gorgeous and add an unbeatable attraction to the call to action areas.

Flat design will continue to rule

2014 saw the enormous effect of flat designs and the effect are only going to gain more momentum in the coming year. Flat designs ensure minimal content, clutter free and content focused sites which is exactly what the users want.

Flat design will continue to flourish in the coming new year as well.

Scrolling over Clicking

Cats and people like to scroll and that’s how web designing has started to roll. There is no ‘above the fold’ content anymore. If you still think you have to make it easy for your visitors to view without scrolling, you are totally out of trend. It has been a long time since scrolling overtook clicking. First pages need to be as comprehensive as possible and you can’t stop them from lengthening next year too. Users find it more intuitive to scroll down as it allows for more dynamic interactions. As anything that is mobile friendly is to be embraced welcomingly, scrolling has been receiving a warm response from both users and designers.

Circular Progress Button

A submit button can act as a progress bar. It gives immediate feedback as well as saves on space.

More Emphasis on Typography

If content is king then typography will be the crowing aspect of your website. Bold typography and large images are set to make your websites into works of art. Responsive typography will also be a front line strategy that will allow users to read text with excellent clarity on any device. Google web fonts will not be your only choice and you can expect to be thrilled with the overwhelming choice of cheap yet quality font families.

Micro Interactions

The coming years will see increased micro interactions for regular tasks like email sign ups and ratings, which otherwise would need a separate page. Micro interactions increases user interaction and designers have already realized its usage as a lot of themes and plugins have been addressing this design element recently.

Slow Reveal

Slow reveal is a great way to show before and after images. D-Day landings, as seen on The Guardian, did a great use of the same. Real Estate industry, Design industry, etc., can use this to show their progress of current projects.

As you can see, the whole design trend has been leaning towards a responsive mode that was a trend in 2014 and has become a norm now. We at LetsAlign are ready for the new year. What about you?

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Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

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