Ways to Promote Your App For Free

Good Promotion = Successful apps!

If you have got an amazing app, talk about it and then make the consumers talk about it. Apps fail in the marketplace despite having wonderful features because they are not promoted and positioned well. Promotion being the indispensable element enables the app to reach out to the targeted consumers and is halfway to the success of the apps.There are ways to promote the apps for free and you don’t need to worry regarding the marketing costs.

Here are a few tips on how to promote your app for free using the social online tools.

Speak for yourself with SEO language :

Blogs and microsites are an easier way to discuss about your app. Blogs with SEO keywords automatically links your page on a search query. Highlight your page or add promotional descriptions to catch the eyes of the online reader. This is much faster and easier way where you can describe the features that your app provides, what is unique about it, how it adds value to the users. Nielsen studies show that search is the biggest drivers for downloads.

Leverage the social press :

There is no surprise that social marketing is one of the best approach for mobile app marketing. Platforms like Facebook,Twitter and Pinterest are the best way to grab eyeballs and clicks with limited investment or no investment at all.

It is important that you let your audience be a part of your ecosystem. Always keeping your customers updated by continuous streaming of content,proactive feedback,questions and sneak peek kind of information. For example the Candy Crush Saga game, have you ever asked yourself that why are you still playing it? That is because of its immaculate and genius social media elements like lifesaving friends and Candy Crush Facebook page with over 75 million likes.

Video,Video,Video :

The traditional yet proven method of doing it is the promotional video of your app. YouTube and iTunes podcasts helps to launch your video. Get people to watch your app than reading it. A promotional video will do magic than the textual descriptions that is available on your sites.

The above video is one of the example on how to showcase your app.

Reach to multiple marketplaces :

Never rely on just one Apps stores to get your app across the world. Tend to announce and approach multiple app stores to reach out a wider audience. Apple and Android are two larger stores that are commonly used but there are other marketplaces such as Amazon, Appbrain, Chrome, and Opera Mobile store that can be used to promote the app. Make the best use of the App store by rightly categorizing and placing it.

Choose a wise pricing :

Pricing is something that really needs care. Ultimately the users will choose this factor to buy your app. So think about your pricing seriously. You can rope in users with promotional prices or with special coupons so the users get to try the app. Once the users get comfortable, then they would be willing to pay but for a new app, the mantra lies in the right and attractive pricing. You can follow the 99c standard than a dollar to promote your app.

Pitch for app reviews :

Take reviews seriously that you read about your app on the site or social network you have created. Negative reviews are action points and they need to be analyzed before they are worked upon. This helps to beat the competition and also create a comparative chart of how you are placed against the competition.

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Image credits: Google, Giphy, Nielsen


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