How to Figure out Cost of Mobile App?

In my last blog I spoke about How to choose the right mobile app development platform. That is one of the difficult options to choose while developing a mobile app. The other very important aspect that clients are always worried about is how much would the mobile application development is going to cost. Well to be honest, there is nothing to worry about it. Whenever you talk to the App development company about the mobile app development, they would always ask you two things:-

1) Do you want it on android or iOS?
2) What all things to do you want in your app?

People think that the costing would depend on the above two factors. However, there are many things that the developer has to build in a mobile app apart from the above two questions asked.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever gone to buy a mobile phone? I am sure yes. What things are kept in mind when you go to buy a phone? You might buy a phone which caters to your requirement. If you are buying for your kid, the specifications are different. If you are buying it for your office purpose, the requirements might be different. And if you are a business man, then your requirements are different. Based on your requirements and specifications, you see different kinds of mobile phones, whose price vary accordingly. The same is the case, while buying a house, a car or something else. So when you go to the market to find a company who creates a mobile app development, the cost of the app development varies depending upon your specifications.

You may get two different types of Quotation from the companies. One in which the developer works for you remotely, and the other which works for you in-house. You might get a developer who might cost cheaper to you. But at the same time you might also come across developers who are costly. It’s not a job of just one developer to create an app for you. There are many things to consider while creating an app. For creating a mobile app, you need:-
1) Front End Developers
2) Backend Developers
3) Designers
4) Project Manager
5) Quality Assurance Manager

One might mistake themselves thinking that since most of the apps are free for download, the cost might also be cheaper. However, that is not the truth. If you are looking out for building serious mobile apps, it needs a lot of planning. The agile process used by LetsAlign is to first listen to your idea then to brainstorm it. Once the planning is done, then we start building the app and get the required app and deliver it.

Depending upon the type of App, the cost may vary. First and foremost question is what type of app are you building? Is it Android, Apple iOS or Apple iOS and Android?


If you are planning to build an app on Android, then it has a broader reach. Especially in developing markets like Asia and Africa. However, if you are looking to target larger users, one must go for iOS Apple. To build an app in Android or iOS, it may cost you anywhere starting from $8000. It again depends on whether your app is table based, games, customized app, native app or dynamic app.

Other costs that add to the pricing are creating personal profiles, upfront cost or in app purchases, rating and ranking systems which can depend upon the complexity of the program and thus impact your budget. If your app needs to connect with your website then that might cost you extra since you will have to make an API (Application Programming Interface). You can then opt for Hybrid Application Development platforms about which we have shared details in our previous blog.


Next and the most important thing is how good your app looks when it is created. This is one of the most expensive things while creating an app. For people to use your app, it should look beautiful. It should have awesome UI/UX and material design. To know more about it, you can read our blog on Mobile ecommerce App Design. It’s the most important aspect and hence the most expensive, while preparing for a mobile app budget.

When it comes to designing, you need a team of developers to complete this task while building an app as compared to websites where the coder designs and code at once. Designing itself cost around $20,000. App icon might cost a few other dollar. So it might approximate cost you around $50,000 to create an android app.


If you outsource companies from countries like India, your cost might turn out to be cheaper. In India, building an android app may cost you around in between $5000- $8000. A senior developer may charge you around $15- $30 per hour. Once you know the time frame for development, you can get your costing my multiplying the rates with the hours of development.

A simple iPhone App Development might cost cheaper to say around $1000- $5000. However, other additional services like in app purchase might cost another $1000- $4000. Web services and capabilities might cost separately. These costs may vary from lower or higher end depending upon other factors. If your app is customized, then the more features you add, the more the cost shall increase.


So to sum it up, category of level can be divided into Simple, Medium and Complex type of Mobile Apps. To make a simple mobile application, it may take around 200-300 hours. And medium/ average category mobile application may take around 600 hours maximum. For example BookmyShow mobile application or any booking events mobile application. Costing of a complex mobile application like Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking application. Or it might also be dating application like Pair Buddy or any high performance mobile application.

There are many websites that provide an app calculator to give you a rough estimation of the cost of developing a mobile application. However, once you start to brainstorm your ideas and start building an app, the client will undergo many changes as and when the mobile application is built. The client needs to make sure that the planned budget may include additional charges if one needs to change things during the development stages. For example, the client might not opt for a designer while building a mobile application due to which the cost estimation may be less. However, during the development stage, he might find that the application is not looking beautiful and that he needs one designed for the same. This might lead him to pay more than the client’s cost estimate. Few apps might require maintenance cost as well. So to conclude, one must always take into consideration the above factors in mind while deciding upon the cost of mobile app.

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