5 Tips for Mobile Ecommerce App Design

There was a time when Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was the first mobile handset retailed for $3,995 and was marketed at 1983 and Snake was the first video game followed by Tic Tac Toes and others. Then came the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) which was later stripped down by HTTP which is the basic protocol for www.

But as we know Necessity is the Mother of Invention. People no more considered mobile just to call, they wanted to listen to music, play games and what not.

Suddenly mobile was not a novelty anymore and different proprietary platforms started building applications to suit needs of the customers , the first being the Palm OS (now Garnet OS) and RIM Blackberry OS. The Apple iPhone iOS joined the ranks in 2007 with Google’s Android following a year later.

But today majority of apps cater to the purchasing needs of the consumers and ecommerce apps have been seen driving the market. These apps emulates all the feature of a storefront website and gives the same experience to the customers.

Here are some design headsup which will help us in making a better app for this world.

1. Multi-faceted navigation and clear User Interface

It is important that the e-commerce companies give huge importance to the form and functionality of their app store. The layered and faceted navigation make it much easier for shoppers to find just what they’re looking for in an ecommerce app. The idea behind a clear navigation is that to make it simpler for the customer to reach to its product in the least possible time.

2. Easy designing for Purchase and shopping cart

We would agree that the continuous pop up window during any shopping experience or unconscious effort to sneak into our privacy by telling us what to buy again and again is not admired. Customers like seamless and effortless shopping experience which lets them do what they want and not the other way around.

Fancy is the place to discover, collect and buy from a crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores. From a design standpoint, fancy is wonderful. It incorporates a mostly monochrome color scheme and has a clear add to cart feature. By clicking on the price, it pops open the add to cart feature dialog box which leads to adding it into the cart.

3. Easy and hassle free signup

A login with Facebook, Google or a simple SignUp form asking for minimum details of the customer helps to understand your returning customer and give powerful insights on what drives their choice and requirement. Accordingly, you can also send them a powerful and knowledgeable newsletter or let them know about the upcoming deals. Be also sure that you instill faith in your customers and respect their privacy

4. Call to Action Buttons

There’s no particular answer on which call to action buttons, styling or size works best for the store, but it is essential to test and optimize it accordingly. While this is something that can be tested, optimized and modified for years depending on your store, it’s good to have a basic understanding of what techniques should be used to make an effective call to action
The app button should be placed in a way that it is the first aspect a customer notices in your web store. A common methodology used by the online merchants these days is using urgency CTA (Call To Action) for increasing conversion to your app store. Also, using Hero images are often seen to have major clicks as it screams out to the customer for its high scalable vector quality.

5. Power of Instagram photo feeds

Many people still do not understand the power of Instagram feeds.The plus point of browsing on Instagram for a product is just like a window shopping minus the sweat of course. If you Instagram your products, the customers that follow you will see your product amidst their feed of other photos like food and sunset.

Create an awesome product images specifically, not just for your Instagram profile, but images that can be used across a variety of platforms. If you create good product images for your eCommerce app,it should be suitable for your Instagram feed as well.

The Spring App is one of a kind app for all the instagram and shopping lovers. They have a huge collection of curated brands by famous designers which can be seen by the customers who have their credit card details stored in the app store and hence can just swipe when they are willing to pay which gives the advantage of having no shopping cart in the store.

So certainly the liberty that the e-commerce app has brought in our life is unparalleled and revolutionary. So constant overhauling and creativity is highly demanded during the present times as well to be flexible enough to take risks and make things better.

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Credits- Practicalecommerce.com, Google app store.


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