3 ways Mobile apps can leverage Internet of Things

Smart phones brought the whole world into a small space with the help of powerful networking features. But now Internet of Things is taking the whole concept of networking to the next level. Physical objects are made smarter with the help of intelligent sensors in a networked environment. These objects can interact with each other and external systems in real time and can lead to a wide scope of future applications.

The line between the cyberspace and the real world has been increasingly blurring as researches by ABI predict that the world will have about 30 billion connected devices and sensors by 2020.

This growth of IoT technology has witnessed a big push thanks to the extensive use of mobile applications in this field.


While IoT is known by many in the form of wearable gadgets, these form only a small set of the actual scope of IoT. Through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, we can quickly and easily transfer data between the wearable and a smartphone. This data can be utilized on either end by our apps, creating a ton of hardware versatility which can be exploited by clever app ideas.

The unobtrusive applications garner the user's attention towards the wearable technology. With the Android wear of google many app developers are already keeping a close eye on the wearable market supported by apps which enhances the experience altogether.


The concept of IoT is not only conquering the consumer space, it has huge fandom in the enterprise environment also.TADO a mobile app which is connected with room heater and helps to tweak the room heat through the app.Enterprise mobility management utilities that use smart phone data and include apps that turn on and off communication devices or machinery based on the smartphone’s location.

In reality, IoT finds a better scope of application in the enterprise environment compared to the consumer equivalent. Robotics and sensors have been in use by manufacturing units and offices for a long time.


There have also been a rise in the development of smart appliances that make use of networked sensors and smart applications to provide intelligent services. These vital sensors can send vital measurement and information to the doctor in his mobile device through a connected app and can let him know during any emergency scenario.The innate use of mobile app and the IoT has proved to be a boon for healtcare sector as both can be converged to create apps which helps the users to monitor their health and also get advised by their doctors on the same.

IoT and mobile applications have a lot in common and combining these two strategies will make many things easier than they are. Mobile apps are efficient and are continuously improvised to increase their performance.Mobile apps allow for easy connectivity and are built with connectivity in mind.

The world can soon expect an IoT revolution starting with mobile apps that will be deployed on a wide range of wearables and other smart appliances.

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Image courtsey: Google.com


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